Randall the Meek, stood as petrified as the trees that surrounded him. His knees knocked. His teeth chattered. He thought he’d soil himself.

Randall had been drummed out of the king’s service for his timidity. But, then Princess Portense’s kidnapping changed all that. All knights were pressed into action and yes, even Randall was required to join in the search. His steed Chester plodded along through the low brush as Randall called out.

“PRINCESS? PRINCESS PORTENSE!?” he shouted quietly. “Chester, I don’t think we’ll find her!”

The horse stopped in its track and tossed his mane back toward Randall, giving him a nasty sneer.

“Do you ALWAYS have to be so wishy-washy?” Chester asked. “When will you ever grow a pair?”

Randall looked at Chester in disbelief.

“Ch-Chester? You can talk?” Randall queried.

“Of course I can talk, we’re in the Enchanted Forest, you moron!” came Chester’s retort.

“B-B-But you’ve never spoken before!” the mild knight reasoned.

“No kidding” said Chester. “Until now , you’ve been tolerable!”

Chester moved forward as his rider continued his din.



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