Archive | August 4, 2012


At the QuickChek Festival of Ballooning/Photo credit RJ Clarken

These were my people; this was my place.

To leave in disgrace was not in my plans. Coming from a distant land to this colorful bit of wonder was a blessing AND a curse. And what’s worse, I really, REALLY liked it there.

The girl. I feel sorry for the girl. She wanted to go home in the worst way. Trusting that mission to me would have surely gotten her there in such a manner. It was good her dog had gotten away from her.

But, she’s in capable hands. The Scarecrow, he has a good head on his shoulders and the Tinman’s heart is in the right place. That Lion is still a pussycat at times but I wouldn’t want to get his fur in an uproar!

The question remains, where to go now? I’m airborne and I STILL have no idea how to navigate this contraption. The words of my father ring strongly in my ear:

“Son, cast your fate to the wind”, he once inspired.

That mantra had brought me here. It wasn’t a bad thing at all. Maybe I can resurrect my wonderful career or maybe, I’ll just retire and enjoy the world… er, worlds as I find them.

It didn’t take a wizard to figure that out!