AH! The sea beckons.

Making my passage across the straight to the mainland. A small sampling of what my life will offer as I stake claim to the fates that await me.

I have dreamed of such things for many a year, for the allure of this serene blue-green lady draws my passion. I have fashioned these desires upon the tales brought to bear by the seafarers to which I have been introduced. Indeed, Father walked the boards, as did Grandfather.

I have read many tomes offering a glimpse of the mysteries of the deep. Great serpents bearing a destructive vent. Tentacled behemoths reeking havoc upon unsuspecting ships, spelling death or lesser strains of hardship. Fantastic stories of chanteuse sirens; mermaids mesmerizing sailors drawing them to the damage inflicted by the rocks below.

Ah, but alas, I can only imagine such adventure! Wild retellings have presumed to take on a life that they alone can possess. At best I will serve my time with honor aboard my sturdy sailing ship at sea.

But, there is one story that has enticed more than most. The legend portends a great albino monster, which as of this recounting no man has tamed.

I see her docked in her slip, towering other ships and casting an ominous shadow upon the waters. And I disembark this dingy to surround myself in her timber. For it is time now to board my gentle vessel on this pristine morning. I have a cursory knowledge of her captain. Fair Pequod, I am pleased to make your acquaintance.

Call me Ishmael.


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