“…so I lit a fire, isn’t it good Norwegian wood?” ~Lennon/McCartney

Shannon Barnes was loud and overbearing. She was irritating and irascible. Many have equated her to a female dog, but even then, she gave bitches a bad name. Shannon had a need to control; manipulative beyond belief. And the strange thing was, men wanted to be with her.

The macho guys walked past her, always thinking they could get better… or better yet, there were women out there who “deserved” to be with THEM. The guys a little less secure had this weird notion that connections should be an equal “partnership”, a mutual “give and give” arrangement. They wanted to nurture and be nurtured. Chris Henne fell into the final category. He was so insecure and desperate to be loved that he would submit to the harshness of a woman like Shannon. When Chris’ eyes met hers, he knew it would be love at first fight.

To say Shannon was demanding, was to say that Mount Everest was a molehill. She had her rube and she needed not lift a finger, for her needs were constantly met. She had acquired the best of everything. Her “suitors” had provided her with fine crystal and finer jewelry. Her home was well maintained and groomed, and each room was its own palace. She sat in the lap of luxury, and all her men wished that she would sit in theirs.

Henne was a little different than she had been used to. He seemed to hesitate at some of her commands, and this irritated Shannon further. But she had a way to punish her malcontents. The room she used as her “library” was well appointed with rich wooden panels. Henne was to polish the pieces from top to bottom. He had the bottom covered, but his fear of heights made Chris think twice about that arrangement. His derangement provided his solution. The resulting smoke did add to the pollution problem, but as the Fire Chief was heard to comment after a whiff of the aromatic billow, “Ah! Norwegian wood! Isn’t it good?”


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