A proper Lassie wearing her green and the slightest of smiles. Her true nature hidden in heavy robes and she poses for her neighbor Leon for hours and hours.

Moan (Mo-Ann) O’Lisa wanted the portrait ready to send back to the old sod by St. Patty’s Day. Shamus, her beau, missed her lovely face and wanted the pic to remember her while she had been touring the Italian countryside.

Running out of funds in Milan was a problem, and the opportunity for Moan to “Sit on me” as Leon phrased it, presented her with the means to finish her travels.

It was unfortunate that Leon’s bungalow/studio was so warm, as he began stripping off articles of his clothing. It was O’Lisa who stayed cool and collected. It was when Leon lost his pantaloons and revealed his “Shillelagh” that Moan let out that mysterious smile.

“They must make them bigger in Erin” she smirked.


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