“Optimism is the hope of fools” he repeats each day

“Optimism is the hope of fools!” Miller Ryan would proclaim every time some nabob would get excited by a slight wave of good news.

“Wishin’ and hopin’ don’t fill the pantry” he’d say in one of his positively pessimistic proverbs.

Miller was the kind of guy that needed to be shown every step of the way. He certainly wasn’t from Missouri, but his show me attitude made many opportunities fall to the wayside. A little blind faith would have taken him a long way.

“Looks like the rain will let up soon” his friend once observed, causing Ryan to spout his jaded point of view.

“Sure, well I won’t hold my breath, at least not until the water’s chest high!”

It seems Miller Ryan came by his pessimism honestly. Mrs. Ryan had a difficult pregnancy with their first child. The medical men (Miller referred to them as “Witch Doctors”) were concerned with her condition and recommended she be hospitalized. But, Ryan had no worry or time for such foolishness.

“She’ll be fine.” he reasoned. “I’ve got a good feeling about this.”

His chastisement’s were more for his foolery than anyone else.

“Optimism is the hope of fools” he repeats each day that passes without his Ginny and the former future Miller Ryan Jr.


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