“So… you want to dance?” she came on to Sam.

Sam Sturgis surveyed the dance floor from across the room. He laughed inwardly as he tried to recall the last time being at a functions such as this didn’t look like a Buffalo stampede. He was hard pressed for an answer. He either got roped into funerals and weddings. Funerals he could bullshit his way through. Somber looks, sad nods and a few “He looks good” or “Now, she’s at peace” comments thrown in and the day is saved. But family weddings? You either have a good time, or you didn’t.

Sam was having a lousy time. A distant cousin…an acquaintance at best, had invited him to the nuptials as a courtesy to her mother’s request. Oh, she smiled as she thanked him for coming and said how “he looks good”. Again Sam smirked. “She must be a riot at a funeral” he thought.

Sam was unattached at the moment. Without a date, he felt even more uncomfortable being there. But, obligation to his own mother’s request kept him from blowing it off all together. Say hello, congratulate, a few drinks and he’d be on his way. But he made the mistake of checking out the people dancing.

It was not so much the ones on the floor that captured Sam’s attention. It was the young woman sitting over at a corner table. She looked equally as bored, stirring her cocktail and making her own observations. He noticed that for someone who didn’t seem to want to dance, her feet sure moved a lot. Her feet were either tapping out the beat, or doing little bits of choreography under the table. Sam approached the corner, but she got up to head for the bar. He followed her.

“Can I “buy” you a drink?” Sam asked by way of introductory conversation.

“It’s wedding. The drinks are free” she said, not even looking in his direction.

Sam was perturbed by her snarky attitude and remark.

“Well excuse me,” he began “you looked as bored as I feel, and right now I felt like I could use a drink!”

She shook her head and laughed. “OK big spender, I’ll have a vodka and tea.”

She sipped at her drink slowly as she looked Sam over.

“So… you want to dance?” she came on to Sam.

Sam gulped down his drink as she took his hand leading the way.

“Uh, the dance floor is this way?” Sam questioned.

“I know” she replied as she walked him out to seclusion of the back patio.


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